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Hike rsIII

Welcome to Hikers Three (HikersIII). Our unique approach is clear and straightforward. You may wonder why it’s called “Three” after Hikers. The simple answer is our three-step motivational approach to encourage everyone who wants to be motivated, guiding them to hike gradually towards their goals with our three-step motivational approach.

The three steps are:

1. Learn beneficial knowledge, eat healthily and exercise regularly, travel and enjoy life, and help others by being a charitable individual.

2. Share the knowledge and apply it to oneself as much as possible. For instance, if your goal is to learn basic website design, then create a basic website for yourself and share your newfound knowledge.

3. Remember, age is just a number. Be young and feel young, hiking gradually towards your goals with honesty, sincerity, positivity, motivational fervor, an optimistic outlook, a wise approach, patience, and humbleness. Yet, do not let anyone take advantage of you, and reduce, avoid, or leave negative people after reaching the inevitable limits of your humbleness. Remain as friendly and merciful as a lion, yet ready to roar and defend when pushed beyond the bounds of your patience with exploiter. 

We are unique in our approach, motivating everyone to be as formidable as a lion, yet as humble as a feather pen. Like a lion, sometimes individuals need to disrupt their routine and stay awake at night, hunting for knowledge or executing tasks, keeping the delicacy of a feather pen in mind. This balance motivates you to write, amend, share, and achieve knowledge.

You can call us HikersIII, Hikers, or Hike, but we are Hikers Three. The Hikers are not just those climbing mountains; they are anyone hiking gradually and positively to achieve their goals.

HikersIII is where every step is part of a greater journey. We’re a gathering place for those who aim high and dream big. Our heart lies in the idea that each of us is on a path to betterment, where learning and sharing go hand in hand. With every service we offer and every product we create, we embody the essence of steady progress and shared knowledge.

Our symbol, a majestic lion coupled with the grace of a quill, represents the blend of courage and wisdom we aspire to instil in our community. Life’s challenges are like a mountain trail, meant to be navigated with patience, positivity, and a collective spirit.

With this vision, we invite you to join us. “Uplifting Individuals to Foster a Positive Global Economy through Optimistic Motivation” isn’t just our Massive Transformative Purpose (MTP), it’s our promise to you. Together, let’s embark on this expedition, where every peak scaled is a triumph shared.



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We strongly believe in focusing on the quality of our Products and Services (PAS) rather than quantity in all aspects. However, we recognise that we are inevitably facing issues of information overload, particularly with recent advancements in technologies, more specifically in Artificial Intelligence (AI) PAS. This abundance of options can be confusing for consumers, making traditional purchasing or trading decisions more challenging.

Often, the emphasis on quantity in PAS cannot be avoided temporarily until individuals, entrepreneurs, researchers, and companies develop their own solutions to address this information overload (IoS). The aim is to transform their PAS, or those of their partners, to be more quality-focused.

As a starting point, we aim to step forward gradually and without rushing, to ensure the high quality of our PAS. However, on a temporary basis, we might employ strategies focused on quantity as a test, pending further updates. This is why we have several internal projects upcoming, which will be part of our future strategy for our Pro version PAS selection, for our use or for our partners.

Take a look at our recent PAS:

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Currently, we are available privately by invitation only. However, we welcome anyone who shares our core values to consider joining us. If you are interested in using our services, where you can trade your products and services with our unique logos as part of our joint venture business strategy, please contact us via please write the references as the Hikers III.

Meanwhile, keep visiting us regularly for any upcoming updates and opportunities