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iQ Recruit – Independent Quality Recruitment

Welcome to iQ Recruit – Independent Quality Recruitment

At iQ Recruit, we redefine the essence of recruitment with a selective and purposeful approach. Our commitment isn’t just to connect employers and employees but to foster a community where quality, fairness, and long-term growth are paramount.

iQ Recruit is not for everyone. We seek to partner with companies and candidates who embody positivity, optimism, friendliness, enthusiasm, dedication, honesty, sincerity, and appreciation. These qualities might seem rare, like a dream perhaps, but we believe they exist and are crucial for success. With our unique positive recruitment psychology, we can detect these traits, ensuring a match that resonates with our core values.

Appreciation is a vital aspect of any personality and organisation. Whether a business is profitable or not, sincere appreciation for hardworking staff is essential. Similarly, staff must value the opportunities they receive, even in volunteer roles. Not everything is about monetary gain; sometimes, job experiences are the key to unlocking future success. At iQ Recruit, appreciation is a foundational focus, followed by other crucial qualities.

Our Unique Approach to Recruitment:

1. Quality and Fairness Driven: We don’t simply match skills with roles; we ensure that the match is equitable and beneficial for both parties. Our dedication to fairness sets us apart in the recruitment landscape.

2. Comprehensive Support for Candidates: We believe in respecting and valuing each candidate’s time and effort. That’s why we cover travel expenses for interviewees and provide lunch, irrespective of the interview outcome.

3. Competitive Compensation: We offer salaries that are 20% above the national average, as per skill-specific wage data from reliable sources like the UK National Careers Service. This ensures our candidates are not just employed but are rewarded as they deserve.

Progress and Joint Venture Opportunities:

  • Long-Term Partnerships: Our collaboration with companies goes beyond mere recruitment. We engage in partnerships where quality and employee welfare are prioritised, ensuring a sustainable and enriching work environment.
  • Selective Association: We only partner with companies that align with our ethos of quality conditions and employee growth. This ensures that our candidates are placed in environments where they can thrive.
  • Innovative Freelance Hiring Model:Flexibility and Freedom: Embracing the gig economy, we specialise in connecting freelancers with projects that suit their skills and passions, offering them the freedom to choose their path.
  • Diverse Opportunities: Our platform provides a wide range of freelance opportunities, allowing professionals to explore and grow in their respective fields without the constraints of traditional employment.

Join us at iQ Recruit, where recruitment is not just a process, but a pathway to mutual growth and long-term success.

Currently, our service is available by private invitation only, as we have limitations in providing assistance at present. However, you are welcome to join our waiting list. If we consider your profile suitable, we will conduct thorough research before extending an invitation.Whether you are business owners, companies, educational institutions, or non-profit organizations, please submit your proposal to

In the meantime, you are encouraged to visit our website regularly for any upcoming updates and opportunities.

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